30 Days Pro Blogging Challenge

First things first: I, Saad Madni, welcome you to the most unique, effective, and authentic pro-blogging challenge out there. The reason I say that is because you won’t find a more practical, action-driven, and, most importantly, result-oriented blogging course on the whole internet.

And I say this with two years of experience working in this field. And also, that’s the major reason I created this blogging course: I never found such a practical and legitimate course on blogging when I looked for it desperately to help me two years ago.

Mark the calendar: 30 days from today, when you look in the mirror, you’ll see a pro blogger.

Blogging Challenge

But before we begin, allow me to share a little bit about my blogging journey with you:)

Why was starting a blog during the 2020 lockdown the best decision I made?

During the lockdown phase, I was pursuing my MBA. And most of the time during that phase, I would be sitting idle with nothing to do, and I did not like that.

I wanted to put my time toward something productive and meaningful. So one fine day, I decided to look into what activities I could participate in to make the most of the time I had available. This was when the idea of blogging first struck me.

30 Days Pro Blogging Challenge

And after almost 2 years, of going through innumerable youtube videos, and blogs – learning everything first-hand – from domains to hostings- today, I have got two of my blogs Google Adsense approved.

The best thing about having a blog is that it presents you with unlimited opportunities. And when I started, there weren’t so many AI tools (that I’ll be sharing with you inside the challenge) to make things as easy as they are today. You will be able to automate every step of your blogging journey using the tools that I’ve shared in the course.

I feel so glad that I chose to blog when hardly anyone was talking about it.

And through this 30-day pro blogging challenge, I’ll share with you everything I learned in the past two years and let you enjoy the unlimited opportunities that the online world has to offer.

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Let’s get going,
see you on the other side!

Am I a fool to launch this 30 days pro blogging challenge?

I have just learned the life lesson that one must not wait for the right time, for it never arrives. Instead, it’s our responsibility to just take the next step in our lives and decide on our journey one step at a time.

Blogging Challenge
Blogging Challenge

To put it more clearly, we all must focus on the process and not the end results, as this would only add to our fear and anxiety.

So, learn to move ahead, one step at a time, and one day, these single steps will be big enough to make you feel proud of yourself.

So, heads up. Get going. And make it happen.

Any pre-requirements before taking this 30-day pro blogging challenge?

Well, all you need is a will, an inner drive to build something from scratch for yourself, and your loved ones.

A will to have that sense of accomplishment we all desire in life that we earn purely as a result of our decision-making, persistence, and belief, irrespective of what people around us have always told us.

If you are anyone who has all this, congratulations; this is a challenge for you to take up.

Go on. Make it happen. Not to impress anyone, but to be content with yourself for having created something you can proudly call your own.

Who must take the 30-day pro blogging challenge?

  1. If you are someone who always wanted to start and build something of their own, then this is your calling.
  2. If you are someone who has always been looking out for ways to begin your creator journey, then this is for you. This course will give you the confidence to look straight into the eyes of your detractors. Once you have got your blog Google AdSense approved, it’ll propel you automatically for your next endeavors in your life which you could not go for until now for whatever reason.
  3. If you are someone who has always been looking to have a share in today’s booming online market, then this challenge is for you.
  4. If you are someone who has always been looking to have an additional source of income, then this is for you.
  5. If you are someone who has always been looking to try something beyond your ordinary job, then this is for you.
  6. If you are someone who has always been deprived of any sense of accomplishment in your career, then this is for you.
  7. If you are someone who has always been hesitant to take a call on your behalf, then this is for you.
  8. If you are someone who would like to receive unlimited returns with minimal investment, then this is for you.

Why should you take this 30 days pro blogging challenge?

  1. This is one of the most accurate, precise, and effective Pro blogging challenges you would ever come across on the internet.
  2. Having spent 2 years working on my blogs, struggling to find required resources for beginners, I can confidently say this.
  3. Nowhere else you would find the more practical, step to step guide to becoming a pro blogger than this.
  4. This blogging challenge requires the least amount of investment, both in terms of time and money.

As a result, the challenge’s unrivaled value awaits your first step of signing up for the challenge.

blogging challenge
Blogging Challenge


What does this 30-day pro blogging challenge offer?

Here’s a complete list of the resources that you’ll receive once you get enrolled in this challenge.

  1. All the resources that I use to generate my blogs. GET THEM ALL FREE. 
  2. I share with you every single website, YouTube video, Chrome extension, and tool, that I’ve discovered in the past 2 years, that help me set up my blog, and automate every single step from keyword research to writing actual articles for your blog, to generating videos(just like every other blog’s video on this site I built) for your paper to help it rank it better in the Google search results, and much more so you get going just as you enroll without having to struggle to find these resources on your own.
  3. I share with you tricks to use a premium theme for free, with no branding labels in the footnote. 
  4. I’ll share with you the best theme to get your blog Google Adsense approved without having to spend any extra penny.
  5. I’ll share with you the best practices to get your blog Google Adsense approved without having to struggle to find them all yourself like I had to do when I started on my own, with no guidance from anyone. 
  6. I’ll walk you from basics to advanced-level blogging practices, step by step, which I always looked for when I started my blogging journey but found none. So, I did it all for you.
Blogging Challenge
Blogging Challenge

In case all this was not enough

  • 24×7 support details inside the challenge.
  • Weekly step-by-step guide.
  • 100% money-back guarantee if you followed everything, and things still didn’t work as promised(24×7 support service).

Now all that is left, is for you to take your first step.


10 reasons to have a blog in 2023

This is one of the best times to start a blog. With everything occurring online, this is the time to make the most of it. Here are 10 reasons to build a blog in 2023-

  1. Share Your Thoughts and Ideas: A blog is an excellent platform to share your thoughts and ideas with the world. It’s a great way to express yourself and showcase your creativity.
  2. Build Your Brand: A blog can help you establish your brand online. By sharing your knowledge and expertise, you can position yourself as an authority in your field.
  3. Connect With Like-Minded People: Blogging is a great way to connect with people who share your interests and passions. You can build a community of like-minded individuals who engage with your content.
  4. Improve Your Writing Skills: Writing regularly on your blog can help you improve your writing skills. By practicing writing, you’ll become better at it over time.
  5. Boost Your Creativity: Blogging can help you boost your creativity. By writing about different topics and exploring new ideas, you’ll expand your creativity and come up with new ideas.
  6. Learn New Things: Blogging can help you learn new things. By researching and writing about different topics, you’ll expand your knowledge and expertise.
  7. Improve Your Communication Skills: Blogging can help you improve your communication skills. By writing regularly, you’ll become more comfortable with expressing your ideas and communicating effectively.
  8. Increase Your Online Visibility: A blog can help you increase your online visibility. By creating high-quality content, you’ll attract readers and build your online presence.
  9. Monetize Your Blog: A blog can be a source of income. By monetizing your blog with ads, sponsored posts, or selling products, you can earn money doing something you enjoy.
  10. Make A Living From Your Hobby: Build a blog around your interests, and things you enjoy, it may be traveling, reading, cooking, educating, fashion, or in any other industry of your liking, and get paid handsomely for it without having a boss always sitting on your head.

11 ways to make money from a blog

As I mentioned above, the opportunities with just one blog are simply seamless. And to get a glimpse of it, here are 11 ways you can use to generate income from your single blog, and if you please, you may build several of them for yourself once you have learned the basics from my 30 Days Pro Blogging Challenge.

Blogging Challenge
Blogging Challenge
  1. Affiliate Marketing: You can earn commissions by promoting other people’s products or services on your blog.
  2. Display Advertising: Displaying ads on your blog can generate revenue from clicks or impressions.
  3. Sponsored Content: You can get paid for publishing sponsored content on your blog, such as product reviews or sponsored posts.
  4. Digital Products: Selling digital products like e-books, courses, or printables related to your blog niche can generate revenue.
  5. Physical Products: Selling physical products related to your blog niche can also be a way to earn money, such as merchandise or handmade items.
  6. Services: Offering services related to your blog niche, such as consulting or coaching, can generate income.
  7. Donations: If your blog provides value to your readers, you can accept donations from them as a way to monetize your blog.
  8. Memberships/Subscriptions: Offering exclusive content or services to paid members or subscribers can generate a steady income stream.
  9. Sponsored Events: Hosting sponsored events related to your blog niche can generate revenue from ticket sales, sponsorships, and more.
  10. Freelance Writing: If your blog showcases your writing skills, you can offer your writing services to other websites or businesses for a fee.
  11. Podcasting: Starting a podcast related to your blog niche and monetizing it through sponsorships, ads, or exclusive content can generate revenue.

For any query: DM me on Instagram @growwithsaad.

Have a good one:)

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