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I first tried my hands at launching my print on demand India, POD store during the lockdown of 2020. We all know how we’d have nothing to do during the lockdown phase, especially if you were a student during those times. And being a student myself, I had nothing productive to do with my time.

But thankfully, like most of my friends, and other people around me, I didn’t waste my time binge-watching movies and TV series, just so we could discuss them in our friends WhatsApp groups or on a video call at night.


During that time, I too spent time on YouTube but a bit differently than most of them. I used YouTube to learn:

  • Blogging
  • SEO
  • Graphic designing, to name a few highly rewarding skills. And when learning these skills, I had no idea I’d be building businesses around them, doing SEO, designing logos for brands, and more.
Print On Demand India
Print On Demand India

And of course, I tried hands at print on demand, tried a few platforms, and found the one that hit home in the end. The one that brings us here today is REDBUBBLE.

Print On Demand India

When I first came across the concept of POD, it caught my attention and left me wondering how could one just upload designs and make real money out of them.

print on demand India
Print On Demand India

I was too curious to try it myself and find out if it works. And guess what, you can see the results for yourself.

I got these results even without doing it seriously, I just wanted to confirm if this money was transferred to our bank account in the end. Guess what? It did. And not once.

The best part: You just have to do the work once. Work for 4-5 days, upload 30-50 designs, and real cash starts to come in, that too in no time. After doing this much work, you may forget your store, but you won’t forget to transfer your share to your bank account at the end of every month.

Launch Your Print On Demand India Store

All you need to do is find that one niche that never goes out of fashion. And after all my years of hard work and research, I got lucky. I found one such niche for myself, the result from which you see here everywhere.

Want to do the same for yourself? Great. I have already revealed the platform that gives the best results. Make your account, try for 1-2 years, and you may find that one niche if you got lucky enough along the way.

No? Ok! Let’s cut the slack for you, and save you years of unproductive time, and effort.


Yes. No kidding. I know nobody ever does that. But nobody is me.

I no longer need this. I’ve my blog, and other businesses to care about.

Get My Print OnDemand India Niche

Get my niche. And with just 3-5 sales coming in in no time, have your investment recovered, and you’re set to minting profits thereafter.

To make it more affordable, here are two offers, pick the one that best suits your needs:

  1. EXCEL: In this plan, I share my niche, and where to find unlimited designs in any niche. All you are supposed to do is download it and upload it to your store. And that’s it. Sales start rolling in.
  2. EXPLODE: This includes everything in EXCEL, and in addition to it, get my top 10 designs, and tags to use with your product listings(the main thing you need to attract more, and more eyeballs, and thus more sales), and if that wasn’t enough, I reveal my store for you to just copy everything, upload them in your listings, and enjoy the sales in no time.
Print On Demand India
Print On Demand India

Trust me, it couldn’t have been made into a better deal.

See you on the other side.


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