Top 5 Functions Of Human Resource Management


The functions of human resource management are key to any organisation’s/enterprise’s success, growth, and sustainability. Let’s learn about the same in the lines below. Human Resource Management Functions Recruitment and hiring function of human resource management Recruitment and hiring are important functions of human resource management. It is the process of finding, identifying, attracting, and … Read more

11 importance of social entrepreneurship


When we talk about the inclusive growth of any society, the importance of social entrepreneurship is invaluable. Even with a little effort in the promotion of social entrepreneurship, we can help eradicate the evils of society like lack of education, suppression, and exploitation of the less fortunate. The importance of Social entrepreneurship can be understood … Read more

How To Become An Entrepreneur In India

How to become an entrepreneur in India

Your curiosity to learn “HOW TO BECOME AN ENTREPRENEUR IN INDIA?” could be good enough for you to lead a successful life. Know that asking this question to yourself already puts you ahead of your peers who wish to achieve their dreams just by dreaming, and not putting in any effort. Let’s check in detail.