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SAAD MADNI - Founder And Owner

A Message For Our Guests From Our Founder

Did you ever happen to look out for motivation?

Have you ever had a desire to prove yourself to the people around you?

Always remember-

When you’re starting up, your only fan is you. And you better believe in your fan. Just, just do it. Make mistakes. Learn from them. Do fall but only to rise wiser. For you’re to rise, not rest.

Be consistent with it but never ever constant.  Don’t go astray. Find your purpose in life. Fulfill it. It’s never going to be easy and you better not wish it to be. For then, everyone else would be doing it too. Never wish to be counted in anyone and everyone.

Do it for no one else. You need not prove your worth to anyone. No one cares for you. No one understands you. Well, they might play you into thinking that they really do. So better know it now, no one really does.

Your chance is now, at this moment. Go out. Make it happen. Do it for your fan.

Last but not least, CHEERS TO YOUR FAN!


Find no competition to be greater than Yourself.

If there's anything worth following, then be it your dreams.

Accept nothing less than this world for your stage.


- SAAD MADNI (Founder & Owner)

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